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It’s crucial to remember that you should not settle for less if you are an entrepreneur trying to navigate the often-complicated world of business.

The journey to becoming successful doesn’t stop with you being content with where you are. It’s possible that you will soon discover it’s a difficult road and you need to be prepared for the unexpected, such as a drop in profits or the eventual failure of your business.

Funnel Hacking Live makes sure these things don’t happen in the first place. This four-day event is jam-packed with informative talks from the most well-known names, stimulating workshops, and exhilarating activities, all of which could help boost your business skills to the highest level!

Ready to expand your horizons? Want to learn from real experts and influencers right before your eyes? Keep reading to find out more about what FHL is here in our review! 

For those of you who prefer a more visual experience, here is a video review from Online Marketing Reviews’ YouTube channel. Do check out our article below, however, because it has a comprehensive overview of Funnel Hacking Live.

What is Funnel Hacking Live? Funnel Hacking Live Reddit

ClickFunnels hosts Funnel Hacking Live every year. This event is a full-scale marketing conference that provides a platform for marketers to share their best practices and tools.

FHL was first introduced in 2015. It’s grown steadily year after year, particularly with the 2022 edition, which was held in Orlando, Florida, September 21-24, 2018. It is, no doubt, one of the biggest in-person events in the digital marketing space, with a stellar lineup of expert speakers, fun activities, winning rewards, and exclusive surprises, all for everyone in attendance to eat up and enjoy!

Funnel Hacking Live provides a unique opportunity for business owners and marketing professionals from all walks to meet, interact, learn, and create lasting relationships in one location. Ask any participant about their experience and they will tell you that it was well worth the time and money.

Do not believe the hype. Keep your eyes glued to this fact: According to ClickFunnels founder and CEO Russell Brunson, those who attended saw a spike in their revenue by an average of 32.67%, a huge leap compared to what it used to be before the event. This is in large part due to the knowledge and tips they gained from learning from the experts in the ever-evolving marketing and business industry.

FHL is not just any event, but also a celebration of the people who made their mark in the field of marketing. No matter how experienced or novice you are, your talents and prowess will shine every year.

Who Is This Event Made For?

Funnel Hacking Live was created for those who have an online business. You will be able to learn from seminars and receive on-the-spot coaching sessions, regardless of your niche or product. This will help you increase your income and morale. This is a great resource for digital marketers, whether you’re working alone or in groups. It gives them the opportunity to network and form partnerships that will lead to better opportunities.

Given its overall nature, this event may be used as a stepping stone for fresh business owners who are looking to diversify what they know so far about selling and promoting their products. In the same light, experts may also take this as an opportunity to improve their existing skills on top of sharing pieces of sound advice with those who may need it.

FHL isn’t just welcome to anyone with a business. Since it’s hosted by ClickFunnels after all, those who’ve used the platform for their business and marketing needs are given extra benefits, though minimal as they seem.

There’s even a specific term for this group of people: Funnel hackers. It makes sense to me now, in hindsight. The event was called “Funnel Hacking Live”. This is to allow ClickFunnels users to stand out from the rest.

Funnel Hacking Live: Meet the Speakers

Funnel Hacking Live hosts a packed lineup of industry experts representing a variety of niches and specialties every year. Finance, funnel-building, content creation, entertainment, even small-scale entrepreneurship – whatever you’re interested in, the event surely has it.

FHL this year was no exception. It had hosted over 20 speakers and each one enjoyed a large following. Let’s take a look at who was in Orlando. We start with Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels and the star of the show. Funnel Hacking Live Reddit

Russell Brunson

You may already know him for his involvement with the hit online marketing software – and to an extent, this event – but did you know he’s also well-established outside that? Brunson, apart from ClickFunnels, is a digital marketing veteran with around 20 years of experience, as well as a best-selling book author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He’s been recognized by many for pioneering and popularizing the sales funnel concept in marketing.

Funnel Hacking Live Reddit

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Russell Brunson has participated in every Funnel Hacking Live event since 2015, and – as you may expect – will be joining next year. Many of his topics are about the importance and deep meaning of sales funnels for any type of business. He also shares tips and tricks on how to protect them against flaws. He also gives out all the magic secrets, tips, and tricks that audiences can learn exclusively from the event and nowhere else!

Todd Dickerson

Brunson is not the only one behind ClickFunnels, FHL. Other people play a vital role in keeping things moving. Todd Dickerson is a digital entrepreneur and software designer who is part of Team ClickFunnels. Brunson was also a part of the ClickFunnels team. He helped to establish the software and managed, using his special coding skills to scale it up to support an average of 80,000 customers.

Like his good ol’ partner Russell, Dickerson has made frequent appearances as a speaker throughout FHL’s history. His talks have covered an in-depth look at ClickFunnels and how much it has helped thousands of thriving businesses and solopreneurs improve their profits. His lessons as a tech-focused marketer pro may help others who are facing challenges.

FHL 2022 Special Guests

Let’s now take a closer look at the other invited speakers and guests who participated in Funnel Hacking Live this year.

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu

The power couple got their start in the fitness and health food industry in 2010 when they co-founded Quest Nutrition with close friends. Since then, the company saw a gradual growth from a small following to a massive consumer base with around a billion dollars in profit. Quest Nutrition was sold by the Bilyeus in 2019, but they didn’t stop there. They went on to create Impact Theory with Tom as CEO, and Lisa as President.

Jordan Burroughs

Burroughs is a freestyle wrestler who has won numerous medals and championships at various sports institutions across America since he began his career in 2011. He also won gold medals in the Olympics in 2012. He was America’s most decorated wrestler, winning the men’s title in 79kg at the World Wrestling Championship. Outside the wrestling field, he’s used his platform to inspire lives through his motto “All I see is gold” as well as his influence as an ambassador to brands such as Rudis and Athletic Brewing Co.

Brooke Castillo

Castillo is a bona fide life and wellness coach, content creator, author of self-help and weight loss books, and a marketing expert with an outstanding portfolio of successful online business campaigns she helped run. She’s also the founder and CEO of the Life Coach School, a women-led initiative where individuals are taught to uplift not just themselves but also the others surrounding them in various aspects – from business to health.

Stephanie Dove Blake

Blake is a Texas-based digital marketing specialist and owner of Social Sparrow, an agency that specializes in managing social media-based traffic and building efficient funnels. Blake is a funnel hacker and has used ClickFunnels, along with her technical support skills, to help clients struggling to make lasting connections with their target audience. For seven years she has been part of FHL. This year, however, was a special one as she was able to be a speaker!

Dan Henry

Dan Henry came from rough yet humble beginnings, going from job to job to make ends meet while trying to pay his way through college. Henry founded his first company and all that changed. Fast forward to today, Henry is an eight-figure entrepreneur. He’s also the creator of and a best-selling author. He’s known for his unconventional ways of teaching even inexperienced newbies how to make money online. Funnel Hacking Live Reddit

Dan S. Kennedy

With a rich career that spans four decades, Kennedy has gained a large following for his straight-to-the-point marketing-focused books, including the popular No B.S. series. He’s a pioneer of the groundbreaking Magnetic Marketing model, one which involves attracting potential clients and customers using clever, cost-effective tricks. He has also been a consultant and strategic marketing advisor, and has used his coaching expertise to give entrepreneurs all around the world a boost.

Kristine Mirelle

Kristine Mirelle is more than a singer-songwriter. Living a tough period in her life as a struggling and starving musician has inspired her to create Music Hustler, a company that aims to assist fellow indie artists in expanding their reach across the music industry by giving them access to services and resources they would have otherwise fought tooth-and-nail to get. Through Music Hustler, Mirelle was able to expand to other ventures like advertising and Mexican snacks.

Ed Mylett

Although Mylett has been in the marketing industry for over 30 years, he recently rose to prominence thanks to his best-selling books #MaxOut Your Live: Strategies for Becoming a Elite Performer and The Power of One More. His podcasts, YouTube channel, and gradually huge social media following may also contribute to the big break we’re amazed to see. His latest work, the Change with Ed Mylett TV series, is out now for you to stream! Funnel Hacking Live Reddit


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Prince EA

Prince EA is a content creator, filmmaker, motivational speaker and one of the youngest social media influencers. There’s a good chance that you’ve seen one of his videos while scrolling through your TikTok For You pages or YouTube recommendations. He is best known for his unique content style that stirs emotions and thoughts in audiences around the world. Viral Impact Studios was established to assist content creators with scaling their platforms.

Garrett J. White and Danielle K. White

Garrett J. White believes that every man has the power to be more than they ought to be, and they can achieve this by sucking less. Backed by his badass approach to coaching, he’s set up a variety of mentoring programs in the form of intense challenges to help every man be his best self, including the hit Warrior series. He also believes in the perfect balance between work, relationships, and family – his hit podcast Date Your Wife with his wife and cohost Danielle K. is a testament to that!

Funnel Hacking Live: What else can you expect?

FHL isn’t like that one conference event where it just has invited speakers and nothing else – it operates quite differently!

Niche Workshops and Fun Live Activities

Considering the aim to inspire and leverage entrepreneurs, Funnel Hacking Live also holds a series of energetic hands-on sessions and interactive workshops built to expand beyond what attendees know about marketing as a whole.

Such includes, on one hand, a live funnel-hacking event where they can learn how to build a great funnel with the guidance of experienced pros. Deep-dive workshops, on the other hand, cover all aspects of entrepreneurship, including copywriting and traffic management.

Special Awards for Certified Funnel Hackers

Made $1 million in sales? You get an award! You get more than one million! You also get an award! Funnel Hacking Live is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to recognize those who have achieved great success by applying smart techniques to their workflows and using ClickFunnels excellent tools.

Every year, FHL and the ClickFunnels team hand out awards for those who managed to hit at least $1M in profit, with even bigger surprises that await others who made more than that amount. They are granted an all-access pass for the Two Comma Club, regardless of how much they have made.

Here is a list with two Comma Club plaques funnel hackers will be awarded once they have reached seven figures. Funnel Hacking Live Reddit

  • Two Comma Club – for those who’ve reached $1 million in sales
  • Two Comma Club Heart Awards – For those who donate $1 million from their profits to a charity of your choice
  • Two Comma Club X – For those who have earned $10 million or more
  • Two Comma Club C – For those who made between $25 million and $100 million in profits, the time it takes to achieve this will depend on how much time you put into it.

Other special prizes are expected for select funnel hackers on top of the Two Comma Club awards, including an Affiliate Dream Car Winner prize for ClickFunnels users who gained more than 100 active clients.

Freebies and Merch

Everyone who has scored tickets to FHL is entitled to unlimited access to freebies, goodies, and all other kinds of perks! Take a glance, for instance, at the ClickFunnels Swag merchandise line, where they’ll receive a free shirt with exclusive designs that change every year on top of other types like tote bags, hats, sweatshirts, and many more.

You want additional resources to help you run your business? You can purchase a ticket, which we’ll cover very soon! – you’re instantly given an interactive one-pager that includes all the speeches Russell Brunson has made in all the previous FHL events he took part in. It is exclusively yours since you won’t be able to find it uploaded anywhere online.

How to Get Tickets to the FHL

You may be curious about the cost of tickets. Let’s just say that one ticket to Funnel Hacking Live costs $997.


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Is it too much for one event? Although the initial cost might seem daunting, when you look back, you’ll soon see that it is worth much more than its value. One ticket will give you access to all four days filled with fun FHL activities compared to just one. Plus, you get special merch bundles, rewards, and freebies, all of which are exclusive to the event. We can’t help but say that this is a win-win situation!

Funnel Hacking Live 2022 may have passed us but you can still purchase tickets to next year’s event online . This link is here. Early bird discounts are available to anyone who books less than 10 months in advance. If you have a partner who may be interested in joining you, you get an additional price of $647, a few hundred dollars less than the original cost!

It’s only available for a short time, so make sure to check out and add it to your order if you can.

Funnel Hacking Live: The Pros and Con

The pros

  • FHL provides a once-a-year opportunity where fellow entrepreneurs and funnel hackers get to network and create new work relationships with one another
  • You’ll be able to learn how to improve your skills and increase profits with knowledge and tips exclusive only to the event
  • You’ll also get to receive valuable lessons and pieces of advice from a remarkable lineup of guests – from internet influencers to marketing bigwigs
  • All attendees are welcome to join in any FHL activity, including workshops or live demonstrations.
  • If you hit at least $1M in sales, you may be gifted access to the prestigious ClickFunnels Two Comma Club
  • One ticket to FHL includes a full four-day pass, special merch bundles, and informational freebies

The Cons

  • For those with low or tight budgets, the cost of one FHL ticket may prove prohibitive.
  • You may not receive hotel accommodations, food, or access at nearby amenities with your ticket. So plan accordingly
  • Considering the complexity of the topics usually discussed within the event, it may not be suitable for those who are starting in the industry

Funnel Hacking Live Summary – Is it Worth It?

A one-way ticket to Funnel Hacking Live is a one-way ticket to new ventures. This four-day event will have a profound impact on your career and make it more vibrant.

Books and online references may be fine. Videos and podcasts, too. But none of them can hold up to the experience of attending a conference as big as FHL.

You are not only there to improve your skills but also learn from others. You may also have the chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and popular personalities, partake in a range of stimulating activities, and, if you’re lucky enough, be given amazing rewards for your effort!

The 32.67% improvement rating is a testament to how powerful FHL can be for many of its participants. You can see for yourself why it is true by purchasing a ticket to next years event. Funnel Hacking Live Reddit

FAQ Funnel Hacking Live Reddit

Does Funnel Hacking Live offer virtual tickets for those who may not attend in person?

A virtual FHL ticket option used to be available back in 2020 and 2021 during the COVID-19 outbreak. This option was not available for FHL 2022 and it appears that it will be next year.

This means you must have to attend the event in person unless there are unforeseen circumstances regarding travel restrictions that might take place.

Can I ask for a ticket refund if ever I can’t make it to FHL?

If you were able to purchase a ticket early, you can request a refund from the ClickFunnels/Funnel Hacking Live support team up to 45 days before the event starts. All tickets that are still available will be forfeited after the 45-day period.

Is audio/video recording allowed at FHL?

Unauthorized audio/video recording and live streaming at the event are prohibited – you’ll be dealt with pretty hard if you get caught doing so. You’re still, however, allowed to take pictures! Funnel Hacking Live Reddit


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