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It's in the MailIt's in the mail.

One of the keys to Impact's success is our distribution. Each issue is direct mailed quarterly via the U.S. Postal Service to over 57,705+ households and businesses in the Rapid City metro area. In fact, Impact is the only advertising vehicle in the area that provides 100% market penetration.

Ever wonder what kind of impact it would have on your business if you could get your message into every household and business in the Rapid City metro area? Think about it . . . your ad in every mailbox in the area. Now that's something to get excited about!

Because Impact is considered "Shared Mail," you get all the benefits that Solo Direct Mail advertising has to offer at a fraction of the cost.

In a recent postal customer survey, over 80% of consumers admit to reading or scanning the advertising mail they receive. Nearly 40% of consumers admit to trying a business for the first time based on a direct mail advertising solicitation, with 70% of consumers admitting that they had recently reestablished a business relationship because of direct mail advertising.

What is Shared Mail?

As the name suggests, Shared Mail is the combining of ads from multiple advertisers in a neatly bound, consumer–friendly magazine format that gives your product or service the professional, high profile look your business deserves. Combining your ad with other businesses in Impact Magazine allows you to "share" all of the expenses associated with a direct mail campaign, including printing, labeling and postage. At a fraction of the cost of a solo direct mail campaign, our clients reach more potential customers for less money.

If you've ever tried solo direct mail, you know that it's expensive. With Impact Magazine advertising you get the power of direct mail for a little as 1.1¢ per piece.


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